Repiniquee a high-pitched tom-tom like drum played with a single stick (or two long sticks) and the hand. Traditionally the leader of the ensemble uses it (also referred to as 'repique') to direct and solo.
Timbau a long cone-like drum that is used to produce high & low tones in the ensemble. It is usually played with hands and creates a similar timbre as the West African Djembe
Ciesha a snare drum w/ wires on batter head.
Surdoo a large bass drum. It provides the downbeat, the bass downbeat of the rhythm. One surdo accentuates the 2nd beat of every measure. A second higher surdo is played accentuating the first beats of the measure. A third surdo syncopates in between the beats.
Apito a small plastic, metal or wooden whistle.
Tamborim a small drum usually played with one multi-pronged plastic beater
Agogo / Bells
Chocalho / Ganza Shakers of various types and materials
Guiro a hollow wooden instrument with a ridged exterior surface that is scraped with a stick.
Cuica a single headed drum with a stick mounted inside the drum body, creates a unique sound, which can sometimes sound like a human voice.
 Pandeiro played elaborately with different parts of the hand. Unlike the tambourine, it can be tuned.