Sambatoon Percussion Ensemble

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Batucada, characterized by it's repetitive style and fast pace, is a substyle of samba and refers to an African-influenced Brazilian percussive style, performed by an ensemble, known as a bateria. Bateria means "drum kit" in Portuguese and in Brazil, a bateria is the Brazilian samba percussion band or rhythm section.


Workshop music class and lessons

*new - ask about how workshops tie into the SK Arts Ed. Music Curriculm for your students!

 Explore and experience world percussion instruments and basics of Samba Batucada including:
- different instruments Timbau/Djembe, Surdos, Snare/Caixa
- learn by listening and memory work, with syncopations, rhythms, entrances and exits
- sectionals and exercises for technique, timing and practice.

Performance group

 Rehearse and perform different arrangements of batucada for musical entertainment.
 Including Snare drum (Caixa), Surdos (bass drums) and Timbau/Djembe